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Just a note to those of you that have tried my MP3 streaming patches for MPD; the patches have been accepted and will be included in the next release of MPD (version 0.14.0).  If you want to try out the development version of MPD, that includes these patches, you can now do so by cloning […]

Here’s another little patch for MPD‘s git repos that allows FLAC files to return md5sum as if it were a bit of metadata, like artist, title, or album.  A FLAC file’s md5sum is about the closest thing you can get to a unique identifier for that file.  The md5sum is generated from the wav file […]

Update: due to wide-spread changes in the MPD git repository, this patch no longer applies and builds correctly.  You can still play with the shout MP3 plugin by cloning my shiny-new git repository at: http://git.musicpd.org/encoded/mpd.git See the comments section below for information about configuration changes.  The plugin is currently on the roadmap for the 0.14.0 […]

MPD is a great little project that collects, organizes, and plays your music files for you.  You can connect to MPD and listen to your music in a great number of ways.  You can even stream your music out as your own radio station (Mildred makes use of this functionality). I’ve always thought it odd […]

Voyeur is a very small bit of ruby code that I’ve written to display updates to your MPD stream via Growl. You can find it here:  http://kill-0.com/voyeur/ You start and stop it as you would a daemon, ie $ ./voyeur start and ./voyeur stop. As an added bonus, you can send it a HUP signal, […]