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I was having all sorts of problems upgrading Mildred to Rails 2.1.  A lot of the errors I was seeing were like the following: ArgumentError in ‘TracksController downloading a track by admin should not be a redirection’ wrong number of arguments (0 for 1) /Users/ewollesen/src/mildred/app/models/track.rb:52:in `title’ /Users/ewollesen/src/mildred/app/models/track.rb:52:in `filename’ /Users/ewollesen/src/mildred/app/controllers/tracks_controller.rb:49:in `download’ ./spec/controllers/tracks_controller_spec.rb:82: It took me a […]

How QBeat Works

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QBeat is one piece of the Mildred project. Specifically, QBeat handles the selection of tracks to play. There are a number of subsytems within QBeat that allow tracks to be selected and played. I’ll start with a list of all the pertinent subsystems, then I’ll describe the main responsibilities of each subsystem. Subsystems QBeat MPD […]

For mildred, I have a weighting system that determines which track to queue next. I call this system QBeat. I often try various tweaks to the algorithm for track weighting; trying and get that “perfect mix.” Debugging this system has proven to be a challenge, largely due simply to the amount of time it takes […]